London Cocktail Week Team Launch Drinkup.London Website

Calling them the London Cocktail Week team does Hannah Sharman-Cox et al a disservice…

…as they are also the London Beer and London Wine week team, but that made for a cumbersome headline.

BarLifeUK News - London Cocktail Week Team Launch Drinkup.London WebsiteSemantics aside, the website, which can be found at Drinkup.London, has been designed to link the venues involved in the aforementioned festivals with the drinking public throughout the year.

So far, 450 bars are featured on the website, with location and opening times listed, along with a selection of reviews from media outlets such as The Guardian, and View London.

Aside from aggregating bar reviews, Drinkup.London is geared towards helping venues promote events and offers to customers.

The size and reach of the London Cocktail, Beer and Wine weeks should ensure pretty heavy customer traffic throughout the year, and so the website and DrinkUpLDN app should prove to be quite powerful tools for bars wishing to engage with Londoners.

Naturally, during to the lead up to each respective festival, Drinkup.London will act as an online hub for wristband purchases and both trade and consumer event information. The site itself looks great and is easily navigable, something Tales of the Cocktail still haven’t managed to nail.

Drinkup.London is edited by Jane Ryan, formerly of Difford’s Guide, who says of her new gig:

Since moving to London, I have truly fallen in love with the bar and hospitality industry, the dedication of the people behind the scenes and the astounding time and creativity that goes into the design, menus and ideas. DrinkUp.London is a wonderful chance for me to use the technical skill of writing to share my insight into this incredible industry.