Little Red Door in Paris Seeking Bartender and Head Bartender

Little Red Door is currently searching for bright and talented bartenders to build a new bar team.

More than just a bar, Little Red Door is a cocktail-lover’s haven and a welcome breath of fresh air tucked into the urban bustle where guests can unwind. Inspired by the infamous American speakeasies during the tumultuous time of Prohibition, Little Red Door’s modern take on this old classic appeals to anyone and everyone who loves a quality cocktail.

While not literally hidden, Little Red Door reinvents the cocktail bar as, above all, a welcoming social environment with a focus on quality spirits and impeccable service. Luxury cocktail bar? Yes. Stuffy and serious? Absolutely not.

Little Red Door infuses Parisian Chic with a little New York Cool, creating a refuge amidst the madness. Think cozy chic with a splash of modern nostalgia. This isn’t everyday mixology, but a new take which blends the art and science of spirits with good old-fashioned fun – creating a distinctly modern and urban ambiance. Connoisseurs and amateurs alike rendez-vous at Little Red Door, seeking out the classic and innovative cocktails free of the constraints of tradition.

The philosophy is based on staying true to the heart of fine spirits in a refined yet relaxed environment, with exceptional service rooted in knowledge and passion. Cocktails, spirits and culture (music, art, people, and whatnot) are our main interests and we hold many events and parties to bring these interests together. The events are usually cocktails and spirits related, as well as musical and artistic. This includes weekly tastings and guest bartenders from around the globe, weekly DJs, live jazz shows, art expositions, themed
soirées, and many more. We are always looking for new ideas.

The Team

At Little Red Door we appreciate that the most important thing for a client and an employee alike is the ambience and atmosphere at the establishment. While maintaining a professional attitude it’s important to us that the team, and the individuals that form it, are happy and enjoy their time at the bar.

We believe that in order to create something great you must collaborate and work together with others. The team spirit is very important for any bar to work well and feel good. With that in mind, we are looking to put together a team that can depend on each other. Furthermore, we are trying to build a multicultural, as well as multilingual team. -An environment where every person can learn from another.

The Posts

There are 2 posts opening up. We also invite bartenders from who are not in Paris or France to apply. We can assist with the relocation, from a visa to France to apartment and French classes.
Both posts are open to ladies and gentlemen alike.

Bartender: It’s important for us that our clients get to interact with the bartenders and learn from their wealthy knowledge of spirits and cocktail. For this reason, and for keeping things a bit more interesting, we ask our bar team to do 1 or 2 shifts a week in serving, allowing each bartender to go and speak with the table, help pair drink and food, and inspire the LRD ambience.

This post requires at least 2 years of experience the behind the bar. A good candidate would have passion for the profession, keep up to date with new products and the bar world, and most importantly, likes to interact with our clientele and enjoys working as a team. Some basic French, or will to learn it, is important.

Head bartender: A good candidate would have a creative and social nature, looking for innovations in the cocktail and bar world, and always wanting to evolve. We are looking for people who are multicultural, lived in various countries, and have been exposed to different languages and styles.

At least 5 years of experience in the field is necessary. In your role as a head bartender you will be expected to oversee the bar’s operations, systems, and functionality. This includes: motivating the team and help create a team spirit, assist with the organization of staff, help put together our seasonal menu and over see stock. Some basic French, or will to learn it, is important.

Contact us:
Phone : In English – Dotan Shalev +33 6 19 38 44 81
En Français – Timothée Prangé +33 7 86 46 92 41