Leave Your Ego at Home by Tim Philips

Over some dinner with some fellow bartender buddies the other night we got chatting about what makes a good bartender. One of the guys – who is indeed a talented high-profile mixologist/spiritual advisor/flontline-liqour-distribution-manager – started harping on about how much he dislikes the current fashion of hailing cocktail competition winners as ‘good bartenders’.

Arrogant Bartender
You want a Long island Ice Tea? I think not...

His point is simple. If you are too up yourself, have no regard for being ‘hospitable’ in the hospitality industry, you are rubbish. If your chat is dry, un-entertaining, non-engaging you are rubbish. I think it’s a strong point. A bartender with funny, strong, entertaining chat will always be a better bartender than a drone who pumps out perfect Manhattans. Full Stop.

This reminds me of certain past winners of “Bartender of the Year” awards that are widely regarded in their respective countries industry’s as being twats. Here they are……..

Just kidding! But you know who they are. The guys that dedicate their lives to dehydrating unicorn tears to put in their award winning drinks served from the stomach lining of a goat – because that’s how they did it before glassware, yet still lack the ability to make a person feel welcome when they come into their venue. I’m sorry, these guys are not great bartenders. I guess this post is a tip of the hat to every guy or girl out there that hasn’t forgotten they are in a service industry. It’s a nod to every publican that drives their pissed regulars home after they pass out in the bathroom.

To every up-and-coming mixologist that treats every customer like a king but still doesn’t know how to make sugar syrup. To every one of my incredibly witty, happy-go-lucky, hospitable, knowledgeable, bartender buddies that could of wiped the floor with me or anyone in a “Bartender of the Year” competition, but either forgot the cut-off date, couldn’t be arsed or was just too plain busy looking after their bars and their customers to enter. I salute you, keep it up.

Barkeep, don’t be a prat, at the end of the day all we do is make drinks and get people drunk. That’s it. Leave your ego at home..

Here’s a drink i’ve made with unicorn tears for you all to enjoy… 😉