Kiwi Bartender Dan Miles Publishes Bartending Novel

Dan Miles turns the sights seen during a 15 year career in bartending into a story of “violence, stupidity and laughter… love, lust and everything in between”

I’m sure many bartenders have been told that ‘there’s a book in you somewhere’.

Spending the bulk of your time as an observer and enabler to the general public as they drink and lose their inhibitions is bound to provide a rich vein of material, but as anyone who has ever tried knows, writing a novel is a big task, and one which most people never complete.

New Zealand bartender Dan Miles has climbed that mountain however, and what’s more, his novel Filthy Still is doing well, having hit the top 50 Kindle best seller lists in the travel, humour, and perhaps unsurprisingly, love, sex and marriage categories.

We haven’t read the book yet, but we like the sound of it, and the fact that each chapter begins with a cocktail recipe is a nice touch.

Some BarLifeUK readers may know Dan, as he is now UK-based, and but has also done time in Australia and Singapore, as well as Queenstown, where he also represented NZ in the 42Below Cocktail World Cup.

If Filthy Still sounds like a good read to you, buy a copy for reading on the electronic device of your choice here.

The more people who download the book, the bigger the middle finger Dan can hold up to the publisher who rejected the novel on the basis that no-one would be interested in reading about such a “pointless lifestyle.”