Kitchen Space Marketplace Occupyd Launch Renter Referral Program

Earn £20 every time a friend successfully lists their kitchen space for rent on Occupyd

Just after Christmas we brought you news of Occupyd, a website which provides an Airbnb-alike service for commercial kitchen owners and renters. In short, kitchen owners who aren’t using their space 24/7 can rent it out to businesses who need the facilities for takeaway, pop-up, or any other sort of temporary operation – thus earning money for the renter while offering flexibility for the rentee.

Now that Coronavirus infection rates are dropping off a cliff and we have, at last, a set of provisional dates for the relaxation of social distancing, the hospitality industry is gearing up to reopen. With this in mind, Occupyd want to expand the number of kitchens available on their site across the UK, and to do this they have launched a renter referral scheme, which will pay £20 via an Amazon gift card for up to 10 listing referrals.

How it works

The referral system is extremely simple – just send the referral link to anyone you know who has an empty kitchen, and once they have listed it on Occupyd, your £20 gift card will arrive a couple of days later.

Whether it be someone you know personally, or the result of a conversation you see in one of the hospitality Facebook groups, the Occupyd referral scheme works the same – you send the link, the space owner uses it to list their kitchen, and once the listing is live, you get your reward. You can repeat this referral process ten times, bagging yourself up to £200 to spend on Amazon.

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