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We (Simon Webster and Andy Ives) launched BarLifeUK in 2010, with the aim of covering the bar industry in a way that was useful and entertaining to front-line bartenders. We’ve always tried to write honestly and from the heart, (attempting) to avoid pomposity and pretension because we believe that bars and bartenders are in the business of delivering fun, and writing about bars and bartenders should reflect this. We’re still here ten years on, so we must have got things at least slightly right.

Up until now, BarLifeUK has been funded by media partnerships with brands and cocktail competitions. You may have noticed that since March, there haven’t been any cocktail competitions, and yet BarLifeUK has been busier than ever. Our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, interpretation of government briefings, and support of charity and brand fundraising activity has been read by tens of thousands of people, and we’ve received numerous messages from readers who say that our content has helped them during this horrendous period.

We want to keep writing about the industry and supporting bartenders, but given the complete lack of funding from brands at the moment, we need your help to do so. To that end, we have created a Patreon Page for BarLifeUK so that readers who value our coverage, be they bartenders, bar owners, or brand folk, can support BarLifeUK from as little as £1 per month. In return, supporters will receive a host of exclusive content, and industry discounts, by way of thanks from us.

It’s important to note at this point that the BarLifeUK website won’t change, if you decide not to join our Patreon community, that’s absolutely fine. You’ll still be able to read everything we normally publish.

But our patrons will receive extra content from us every month, delivered directly via Patreon. Beginning in October, members of our Patreon community can expect exclusive content from a host of experts in their field, these include:

Gergö Muráth: The man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of drinks will be sharing this with you
Tim Etherington-Judge:  The founder of Healthy Hospo will be helping you live a healthy, happier life
Bitters & Twisted: Those who remember Dan Priseman’s blog do so with fondness, and it’s back exclusively on BarLifeUK Patreon
Bartenders Taste Spirits: The hugely popular feature with a terrible name is back, kicking off with Hard Seltzers
Exclusive Book Samples:  With so many books available it’s hard to know which to buy, we will be bringing you chapters from new books to make that choice easier

Many more have joined the BarLifeUK Patreon family and we will be announcing them in the coming weeks, plus of course we will be creating content ourselves.

Additionally, anyone who joins the £2 per month tier and upwards, will also receive exclusive industry discounts from a growing list of partners:

Healthy Hospo: Discounted access to the hugely important site for bartender wellness
WSET: Discount on WSET spirits courses booked through Hannah Lanfear
Sharp & Dapper: Look good whilst working hard with a discount across their fantastic range
Industry Drinks Discounts: You deserve to get out sometimes, so we have partnered with bars across the country to offer discounts when you get a night off.

Monthly discounts for patrons will develop and grow each month.

Simon and Andy are incredibly grateful in advance to anyone who decides to support BarLifeUK by joining our Patreon community, each of you will be directly responsible for enabling us to continue creating content for the bar industry during a turbulent and difficult time. Cheers!

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