Jim Beam Presents: Class of 2018 

Jim Beam are launching a new American College themed training programme across the country and giving one bartender a trip to Tokyo.

They have lined up a fantastic list of guest speakers including Tristan ‘The Curious Bartender’ Stephenson and Alex ‘Dandelyan’ Lawrence. Fred Noe, great grandson of Jim Beam and the 7th generation master distiller, will also be in London to launch the new initiative.

Well don't they look all preppy?
Well don’t they look all preppy?

Jim Beam are going all out with the theming of the sessions, which are taking place in:

  • London – 8th & 9th May
  • Edinburgh – 16th May
  • Liverpool – 29th May
  • Birmingham – 12th June

Bartenders will be taken on a journey, learning about how the Beam family has been creating and living one of the world’s greatest legacies in ‘History’; demystifying the distinctions between American whiskey and bourbon in ‘Geography’; exploring the unique taste profiles of Jim Beam and what it is that makes each of the products worthy of the Beam family name in ‘Chemistry’; whilst finally discovering trends such as the rise of the Highball serve and industry secrets from experienced guest lecturers in ‘Business Management’.

If just reading those classes gives you the school days fear don’t panic as there will, no doubt, be a drink or two knocking around (although probably not as many as in your average school staff room). Wedgies, swirlies, wet willies and spitballs will probably be frowned upon, but snogging behind the bike sheds is definitely allowed.

However it is the ‘Ultimate Field Trip’ which will undoubtedly excite you the most, and unlike school days it isn’t to an ‘educational’ building in the pissing rain with a crappy sandwich that you accidentally sat on. Jim Beam have outdone that in spectacular style with one bartender who attends the Class of 2018 sessions winning themselves a trip to Tokyo, the home of the Highball serve they are celebrating.

This once in a lifetime trip will be open to all attendees and will be granted to the bartender whose menu features the most innovative twist on the classic Jim Beam Highball. More details on this will be revealed at the sessions.

It is sure to be a hugely interesting and informative day plus you get the chance to win the trip to Tokyo, so get yourself signed up here www.jimbeamclassof2018.com

We will leave the final word to Johna Penman, the Head of Brands at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Distribution: “As the No. 1 bourbon in the world, we wanted to move away from traditional training sessions and instead, offer bartenders a unique opportunity to understand and experience the Jim Beam legacy first hand. Drawing from over two centuries worth of whiskey knowledge, these workshops will inspire bartenders by integrating some of the most influential speakers in the business to share their industry expertise – giving guests the warmest of welcomes to the family.”