Jesse Estes To Auction Rare Ocho Vintages For Equal Measures UK

Proceeds raised by the sale of Estes’ private Ocho collection will go directly to hospitality non-profit Equal Measures UK

Equal Measures LogoJesse Estes, the current global ambassador for Ocho Tequila and son of the brand’s co-founder Tomas Estes, is to auction a collection of rare and vintage Ocho expressions from his personal collection, in order to raise funds for Equal Measures UK.

For the uninitiated, Equal Measures UK is a non-profit organisation that was founded to support and champion Black, Asian, and other minority ethnicities, as well as other marginalised groups, such as queer and gender queer persons, those who are neurodivergent, or who face systemic barriers to their progression within the hospitality industry.

Jesse explains: “I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all that Equal Measures does for the hospitality industry. As such, I am honoured to be able to support Equal Measures in some small capacity, by donating some of my most prized bottles of Tequila Ocho, some of which have been in my private collection for over 16 years, since we launched the brand.”

The collection will be sold as a single lot and comprises 17 bottles, which have been hand selected by Jesse and feature the rarest and most sought-after collectibles from Ocho, including Los Mangos 2010 Blanco, Los Corrales 2010 Blanco & Reposado, La Rivera 2007 Blanco, El Refugio 2012 Blanco, all four Day of the Dead black and red releases, and many more limited edition, hard to find, sold out bottles (see full list below).

Jesse has also included in this lot two highly collectible first edition books: a new original 2012 copy of his father’s “Tequila Ambassador” book, and a new signed copy of “Agave Love”, by Phil Bayley.

The auction begins on 5th May and will run until 14th May, on the website

Vicky Ilankovan, Executive Director of Equal Measures comments: “This is an incredibly exciting lot to have donated to Equal Measures and one that we know will excite collectors and agave aficionados alike. Tequila Ocho is such a genuine and highly respected brand; we are so grateful to Jesse for donating a large portion of his personal collection and to Whisky.Auction for managing the bidding for us. All the funds raised will go directly back into supporting underrepresented and marginalised hospitality workers in the UK, helping them to achieve their career goals and showing them that they are no longer alone.”

Full auction lot listing

1. Tequila Ocho Plata Puntas Overproof 2021 La Ladera, 50.5% ABV, 700ml
2. Tequila Ocho Los Mangos 2010 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
3. Tequila Ocho Agave de Rancho “La Rivera” 2007 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
4. Tequila Ocho Agave de Rancho “El Vergel” 2007 Reposado, 40% ABV, 500ml
5. Tequila Ocho Agave de Rancho “Las Pomez” 2008 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
6. Tequila Ocho “Los Corrales” 2010 Reposado, 40% ABV, 500ml
7. Tequila Ocho “Los Corrales” 2010 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
8. Tequila Ocho “El Puertecito” 2011 Reposado, 40% ABV, 500ml
9. Tequila Ocho “El Puertecito” 2011 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
10. Tequila Ocho “El Refugio” 2012 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
11. Tequila Ocho “Puerta del Aire” 2016 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
12. Tequila Ocho “Las Aguilas” 2017 Blanco, La Alteña Distillery 80th Anniversary bottle,
40% ABV, 500ml
13. Tequila Ocho “El Bajío” 2018 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
14. Tequila Ocho “Cerro Grande” 2020 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
15. Tequila Ocho “El Tigre” 2021 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
16. Tequila Ocho “El Nacimiento” 2022 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml
17. Tequila Ocho “San Jeronimo” 2023 Blanco, 40% ABV, 500ml

1. First edition copy of Tequila Ambassador by Tomas Estes, 2012 original
2. Signed first edition copy of Agave Love by Phil Bailey