Jägermeister Meister Hunter Finalists and Competition Afterparty Announced

Next week the 2022 Meister Hunter Final takes place, we look at the who and what, as well as sharing the afterparty details.

This summer we spent a lovely couple of weeks travelling the country with Mr Meister Hunter himself Florian ‘Flo’ Beuren and fellow judge Nina Eggeling from Jägermeister Global (links to the write ups can be found below). It was a great competition with some superb drinks and thoroughly entertaining presentations, the finalists we saw would on their own have led to an exceptionally strong final. However Flo had other ideas this year and also went over to Canada (without us!!!!!) to find another finalist, plus one from Ireland means the new international lineup looks very much like this:

Liverpool Heat – Erin Davies, Pineapple Club, Birmingham – ‘Liquid VICE’
London Heat – Tristan Carvalho, Murder Inc., London – ‘Hae He Tonic’
Brighton Heat – Sam Moseley, The Golden Pineapple, Brighton – ‘South of Heaven’
Glasgow Heat – Carrie Smith, Hoot The Redeemer, Edinburgh – ‘Bonnie Blaze’
Dublin – Helio Oliveira, Pygmalion, Dublin – ‘Buck Moon’
Canada – Pierre-Olivier Trempe, Quebec – ‘Made with Love’

As always the Meister Hunter Final will be taking place over two days and, as always, will be a mixture of fun and educational masterclasses and activities by experts in their field and challenges to test the finalists skills. Plus a very special treat for everyone as Flo will be showing his legendary flair skills.

This will all culminate at Oriole Bar at 7:30pm on November 16th where the six will be competing for the grand prize of £3K, with second and third place picking up the not insignificant sum of £1K and £500 respectively. This is where you are welcome to join in the fun and watch the final unfold whilst you enjoy complementary Jägermeister cocktails. Just rock up and support the bartenders.

If you can’t make that or just prefer to party then at 9:30pm, after the competition finishes, Oriole will be hosting the big Meister Hunter Afterparty with Martin 2 Smoove, CJ Beatz, Raedee, Dan Hills + Special Guest providing the music and Jägermeister providing the liquid until 2am (or the tab runs out, but fear not it is a hefty one). If you want to come along a play then RSVP is essential at RSVP@notion.online

We will of course be on hand over the two days to judge and report on all the action so keep an eye on the website and our socials for all the news as it happens.