Jägermeister Meister Hunter Comp Final Preview

The final of the second annual Jägermeister Meister Hunter Comp takes place today.

Following a tour of the country the finalists gathered in London yesterday for a two day extravaganza of a final. The winner will take away £3,000, become a member of the brand’s exclusive Hubertus Circle, and will enjoy a bespoke PR programme to raise their profile. £1,000 and £500 will also be awarded to the second and third place winners respectively.

With such a great prize it is no surprise that a series of challenges lie in wait for the final 6 competitors. Unfortunately we can’t reveal what these challenges will be (that would spoil all the fun after all) but we can tell you it will culminate on Tuesday 5th November at Liquorette.

You are invited to come down and cheer the competitors on, the final will kick off at 7pm.

Each bartender will be making two drinks, one is a surprise however the other will be the drink that won them a spot in the final. Here is a full list of the competitors and their winning drinks:

 Benji Davies – Little Mercies, London

 Not So Silent Soundtrack

15ml Jägermeister Manifest
15ml lime leaf and coconut oil washed Jagermeister Manifest
12.5ml Caol Ila 12yr
22.5ml lemon sherbet
120ml soda

Built in a highball and garnished with a lime leaf and discarded lime zest.

(Lime leaf and coconut Manifest) – 300g Manifest, 150g coconut oil, 8g lime leaf infused in a water bath at 52° for 2 hours. Freeze then strain.

(Lemon Sherbet) – 100g of lemon zest, 100g of caster sugar vacuum packed for 24hrs till like have dissolved the sugar in to a syrup.

Ellie Raeside – Tonic, Edinburgh

‘Dr. Meister’ – what’s the worst that could happen?

37.5ml Jägermeister Manifest
12.5ml Cinzano Rosso Vermouth
50ml Cherry Shrub

Hamish Smith – Jakes Bar, Leeds

The Woodsman

30ml Jägermeister
20ml calvados
1 Tbsp apple, crabappleand pear jam (homemade)
30ml chamomile green tea
40ml fresh pressed apple juice
10ml malic acid solution

Luke Morgan – The Vanguard, Birmingham

Sticks & Stones

2 sprigs Fresh Rosemary
10ml Orgeat
1 barspoon Cherry Jam
45ml Jägermeister Manifest
10ml  Gin Sul
30ml  Lemon juice

Muddle, shake and strain into a blue clay pot and garnish with a rosemary sprig

Jonathan Arthur – Bramble, Edinburgh

High and Low

20ml lemon
10ml buchu orgeat*
2 dash Dr Adam’s teapot bitters
12.5ml cocchi rosa
25ml Lairds Bottled in Bond Apple Brandy
25ml Jägermeister Manifest

Build in a highball over crushed ice with a pineapple sage leaf and thyme sprig garnish

* warm up 250g orgeat in a pan with 5g dried buchu leaf, take off heat and allow to cool, strain and bottle

Andy Mill – Murder Inc, London

Brocken Back Mountain

40ml Jägermeister
20ml sotol
20ml Harelred Apple jam, pineapple sage and pistachio sherbet
20ml espresso
20ml custard
20ml Carlsburg Special

Blend, serve on Matcha tea covered mountain taking inspiration from the Brocken Mountain Alpine Garden in Northern Germany.