It’s Whisky from Wales

Whisky from Wales? No, we haven’t gone gwallgof (one for our Welsh speakers there) there is a distillery in Wales and it makes an award winning whisky.

Peat Penderyn Sherrywood
The Penderyn Range

With Tom Jones banging on about the great welsh water every time he is interviewed, it should come as no surprise that a great whisky should follow. The Boyo’s and Girlo’s at Penderyn Distillery (the only distillery in Wales) at the foot of the Brecon Beacons have been busy making some excellent and exciting whiskies which are definitely worth a look.

There are 3 varieties available, all of which are Single Malts. There are Madeira and Sherrywood varietals, both matured in bourbon barrels before being moved to Madeira and Oloroso sherry casks respectively for their individual flavours. There is also a limited bottling each year of a Peated variety. To top it all off, the head distiller, Dr Jim Swan, occasionally hand-picks one or two of the best casks… however you’ll have to move quick to get your hands on any of the resulting bottles.

Not content with just producing award winning whiskies, Penderyn Distillery have also produced Brecon Five Vodka (named after its 5 distillations), Brecon Gin and Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur.

So if you want to support the wonderful world of welsh whisky, click here.