It’s a London Rematch Beeyatch!

On Saturday 24th August the competition by bartenders for bartenders is back at its spiritual home, Trailer Happiness.

One of the best nights of the year that no-one remembers; one of the biggest competitions of the year that no brand can sponsor; some of the best bartenders in the country, making drinks they’d never usually serve; what’s not to love?

As always Rematch Beeyatch is brand sponsorship free which means that anyone wanting to enter has to pay £50, with the winner taking all. With the maximum number of competitors being 20 that’s a possible £1,000 up for grabs for the winner (second is first worst in Rematch rules and gets nothing).

If you are unaware of what Rematch is then it is very simple. Rumoured to be invented to settle some trash talking between Tim Stones and Paul Mant, it is basically a speed Tiki competition. Each competitor has to make the same 10 drinks (9 rum cocktails and open a beer) in the quickest time possible.

There are rules, not many, but they have been slightly altered after the first ever Global Rematch Beeyatch last year led to some sulking amongst certain competitors. Quite simply the drink has to be servable, any drink which is deemed to be unservable by the majority of the judging panel will receive a 5 second penalty. 4 or more unservable drinks results in immediate disqualification.

To enter, email Rich Hunt at Trailer Happiness. Once you have convinced him you have sub-2 minute chops, he will take your money and give you the official specs so you can start practicing. You can also visit the official Facebook page for information and the inevitable trash talk and moaning by slow Americans.

So if you fancy it here are the entry rules:

  • Entry is one crisp, ironed, £50 note. Change is for losers. No money, no entry, fuck off.
  • Entrance closes 1 week before the rematch, entry is limited to the first 20 competitors so get in early or wait for next time losers.
  • Running order will be chosen at random and is final. Book the WHOLE night off, you’ll need it.
  • Judging will be blind (blind drunk) and all alcoholics decisions are final. No pissing and moaning.
  • PRACTICE!!! Don’t come half-cocked or you will look like a tosser. The earlier you buy the specs, the sooner you can start rocking.
  • So you can begin your practice you need the official specs. These cost £50 and that covers your entry fee.
  • Spectators, supporters and hecklers welcome. The louder the merrier.

We will leave the final words up to the founders, Paul and Tim, and see you there.

So you think you’re good do ya? Why have a head to head when you can start a riot? Forget about memorising NOM numbers, leave your syphon and frying pan at home, take your lavender syrup off the stove and stop calling yourself a mixologist. Whether you work at the Dorchester or the Dog and Duck or even if your business card says consultant, ambassador or brand whore; strap your balls on and put your money where your mouth is.

This time all you need is your speed…. If you’ve got any that is.

Bring it!!