It’s a Global Rematch – 2016 Edition

Rematch, or to give it its full name ‘I can’t come to work today, I went to Rematch last night’, is back.

The most annoying photo ever taken.
The most annoying photo ever taken.

And it’s another Global Shitfight. Yep, once again, quick shots all over the world will be competing for what will end up being a boat-load of money.

For some un-understandable reason, they’ve let Stuart Hudson become part of the organising process. Here is his Facebook post, announcing entries are open, because I can’t be arsed to write something about it myself (the multiple exclamation points and child-like sentence structure are all his):

“Right Party People
It is that time again.
GLOBAL REMATCH BEEYATCH 2016 – 10 countries, 14 heats, and only 1 winner!!!!
That is a bucket load of money people!!!
What you need to know
Venue – Trailer Happines
Date – Tuesday the 6th of September
Kick off – Competitors need to be there for 16:00 briefing
Entry – £50
To enter you need to message me and you will be sent the details for paying the entry.
This will be done by a Paypal transfer this year, to ensure that all funds from around the world are received before the start of the Global Comp and will be held in escrow by the venerable Mr Tim Stones.
First 20 people to message me get the spots.
Entry fee must be paid to receive the specs and updated briefing sheets and judging criteria.
Entry will close on Monday the 5th of September at 17:00 sharp. No contestants or fees will be accepted after this time.
This is BIG people. Come prepared, bring your balls and or boobs.

If you are fortunate enough not to be Facebook friends with Stuart, but want to enter, you can find him here.

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