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International Bar Takeovers at London Cocktail Week 2018

Startenders from around the globe in residence at London bars during LCW2018 London Cocktail Week (LCW) begins next week (1-7th

The London Vortex

Big smoke, bright lights, a bartender’s paradise. There’s no denying London’s position at the forefront of cocktail culture on

The Scotland 100’s Second Meeting – What Are They Up To, and Why?

The 7th July saw the 2nd meeting of the 100 - a group of 100 (obviously) hospitality folks from around

Counter Terrorism Advice For Bars

Recent events in Paris, Tunisia, The Ivory Coast and Belgium paint a picture of a world gone insane. Whatever the

The Social Importance of Your Bar

Mass Observation Unit Book Bars tend to appear in the media in one of two ways: Boozy

OnLocation in Edinburgh with Bulldog Bold

Edinburgh is the UK’s prettiest city, especially on a cold winter night when there’s a bit of Christmas in

OnLocation: One Night in Brighton

Whenever BarLifeUK visit Brighton, we have the same conversation on the train back to London: Why don’t we move

Yael Weisberg: London Vs New York

Dynamic and exciting. Demanding and exhausting. [caption id="attachment_6396" align="alignright" width="319" caption="London Vs New York: Which taxi would you rather be

OnLocation: One Night in Bristol

One of the best things about running BarLifeUK is travelling to various parts of the UK and witnessing first

B@1 Ops Director Andrew Stones talks to BarLifeUK

As a chain of venues, B@1 has probably done more to pull customers out of pubs and into bars

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