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Why Are You Chirping Now Mate?

Sometimes it is better to keep your trap shut... Not remotely related to the bar industry, aside perhaps as serving

Charlie Chaplin does Ichi-go ichi-e

Here at BarLifeUK we like to gently mock practitioners of Ichi-go ichi-e because we don't understand it and are afraid

Spectacular Exploding Barrel Prank / Hoax / Not Hoax / No Idea but it looks pretty cool

The naughty scamps at Liverpool's Aloha Bar filmed an exploding barrel prank which got them into trouble, which is

Gin Mare Inspirations Ibiza Video

Fed up of this cold weather? Check out what you could be doing in a few months in Ibiza

How to Open a Wine Bottle With a Shoe

Pointless, but mildly interesting and we hadn't seen it before. Commentary is in French, but a picture (video) speaks a

How to Lose a Cocktail Competition

Filmed for Ian Burrell's Rum Experience TV, and for your viewing pleasure, we bring you three 'how to lose

Merry Christmas from BarLifeUK

We hope all of our readers have a fantastic Christmas, and that all of your punters are saints on

Don’t Be This Guy

Think before you flair...  

42Below Cocktail World Cup 2012 Video

A great video of an epic week, made all the better for the editors ensuring BarLifeUK's ugly mug is

Barchick Wants to See Your Shaker Face

Our friends over at are about to kick off a 'shaker face' competition with Jagermeister. They are going to

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