Hotel Chocolat Cocktail Masterclass

Like Chocolate? Mmmmm, Like Cocktails? Mmmmmm, Like Newcastle? Hmmmmm!

Well our good friend John Collingwood from Wanttoimpress has got one heck of an event just for you taking place during the Eat! NewcastleGateshead Festival.

John has joined forces with Hotel Chocolat and some amazing brands to put on a Masterclass of chocolaty goodness.  John explained to us that he plans to ‘blow your mind, tantalize and trick your senses and experience things you thought were not possible. You will be submerged into a Caribbean paradise, then after having had some awesome Chocolate Cocktail Canapes & Daiquris, I will then take you through an Anchorman inspired Jazz Club where I will guide you through the 3 experiences of when you have chocolate – Relaxation, Romance & Experimentation.’

We have been lucky enough to get a heads up from John about what those attending will be sampling and with the likes of Venezuelan 65% chocolate topped with watermelon vac pac infusion of Diplomatico Exclusif Reserva rum & honey cress and Cherries soaked in Johnnie Walker 18 & a sweet manhattan filling we are already feeling jealous.

The grand finale drink sounds so impressive we don’t want to give anything away but it really is going to be a show stopper.

So if you want to be part of this experience and are in or can get up to Newcastle on June 18th the details on how to attend are here