Hospitality Industry Associations Publish Their Covid-19 Secure Guidelines

It’s designed to be a one stop guidance document, to help businesses make their workplaces Covid-19 secure, in line with government guidelines.

UKHospitality have teamed up with a host of industry partners and fans of initialism such as the BII and BBPA to put all the various bits of advice in one place for you to read.

It can be found here.

I really don’t have much more to say about that, but this makes the article really short so…….

Did you know that Walkers crisps deny that they ever changed the colours of their crisps despite that fact that around 2 in 3 people in the UK of the right age (most remember the change happening around 1990/91) remember it happening, I definitely do.

Many remember adverts about it and even Gary Lineker is on record saying he remembers them changing colour. Yet Walkers themselves (or strictly speaking its owners Pepsi Co.) have this to say on their website:

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, Walkers Cheese and Onion have always been in blue packets, and Salt and Vinegar have always been in green packets. We don’t have a plan to change this, as it’s signature to our brand.

Weird huh? Happy Friday.