Hospitality In England Reopening On 4th July Plus 1m Social Distancing

The Prime Idiot has just announced that the hospitality industry in England will be able to reopen their doors on July 4th, with the exception of Night Clubs.

Seemingly basing the decision on the classic finger in the air technique (which makes a change from it being up his own arse), the man who answers the question ‘What does a bag-o-shite actually look like?’ stood in parliament and bumbled the announcement the country had been waiting for.

As of July 4th bars, pubs and restaurants will be able to reopen after 106 days of lockdown. There will of course be some rules that will have to be abided by:

  • There must be table service
  • Minimal staff and customer contact (details on this to be released)
  • Customers contact details to be taken (more news on this later we hear)

So no news on some of the rules that have been reported in the media such as having to order through apps and also no regulations on toilets etc. The industry asked for 3 weeks notice to plan for reopening, we have been given 11 days which may partly be the reason that the regulations are less than expected.

It may also be (and probably is) that these are just the headlines and more info will be released in the Covid Guidelines which they will be publishing for the hospitality industry.

Then there was issue of social distancing, as our survey showed opening with 2 metre social distancing wasn’t going to work with over half of respondents saying it was unfeasible. This will be reduced to 1 metre on the July 4th which will definitely help if not solve the issue. Most people who contain brain cells understand the need for social distancing but how these people react once they’ve had a few drinks remains to be seen and will no doubt be one of the biggest issues ahead for hospitality staff.

There is usually more detail released at the 5pm briefing and then forced out with the questions from journalists afterwards so we will be updating this article after that takes place (and therefore after we’ve had a Gibson, or two).

After that more details will undoubtably trickle out to the media in rumour and conjecture so they can be published, the government can gauge people’s opinion and then make future decisions based on whether they will get re-elected or not……. sorry, our mistake, based on scientific evidence.