Hospitality Gin Launches – 100% Of Profits Going To Hospitality Charities

Launched by Sheffield based industry bod Tom Lord, Hospitality Gin has been created to help our industry during corona time.

Ever since the lockdown began Tom, most recently of FirePit Rocks in Sheffield, has been very active on social media making sure the right information was getting out to the right people and we know his efforts have been greatly appreciated my many. That wasn’t enough for him though.

He’d been working on a couple of business ideas before this all kicked off and had just received a small business loan. Unable to work on his new businesses inspiration hit when he was sat in his back garden reading booze books.

The following day he started contacting distilleries and industry folk for advice, and within two weeks he’d partnered up with a distillery in North Yorkshire and his first patch of London Dry gin was ordered.

The important thing for Tom is helping out the industry, so he is giving 100% of the profits to Hospitality Charities. The main recipients of this will be The Drinks Trust and Hospitality Action who continue to do great work, however other worthy causes will also be considered.

Here is where you can help. Tom’s small business loan covered the first batch of gin but left nothing in the coffers for marketing. As a result he has organised a Crowdfunding page to flog the gin (and rather nifty looking T-Shirts). As Tom himself puts it:

“We’re getting the word out to as much of the hospitality industry as possible by harnessing the power of social media. In turn we hope that they’ll share it in their circles. If we can sell some of the first batch through pre-orders then we’ll be able to reinvest into some social media marketing to drive sales and make sure that we raise as much money as possible”

As far as how much Tom is hoping to raise, well the numbers look like this:

Less than 500 bottles – expected donation £4 a bottle
500 – 1000 bottles – expected donation £5 a bottle
More than 1000 bottles – expected donation £6 a bottle

We think this is a great initiative from Tom and hope you do to. If you are lucky enough to be in a position to have some spare cash you can grab a bottle from the crowdfunding page, if not help Tom spread the word to your family and friends, you never know they might buy you a bottle.

You can find Hospitality Gin here:


Website (coming soon)