He’s FAIR gone and got me in the GOJI’s

He’s FAIR gone and got me in the GOJI’s

Every now and then people in the world try and do something right for the planet and for those less fortunate than ourselves, whilst commendable the outcome is all to often like a chemical toilet – a nice idea which no-one wants. Not so in the case of FAIR. who already class the likes of Match EC1, East Room, Tabernacle and Sosho as their customers with their FAIR. Vodka.

Fair Goji
Hey look it's a bottle

FAIR. have achieved this by taking the expert distillers from Cognac in France and teaming them up with independent third world farmers to increase the transparent and sustainable ethics in the spirits industry.

Well now these jolly nice French chaps have added a new product to their portfolio with FAIR. GOJI the first liqueur to be made from the goji berry. These berries are considered sacred by the Tibetan monks who originally harvested them on the Himalayas and are also said to be contain various therapeutic properties. These days they are shipped over to France where the essence of the goji berry is extracted through the maceration process.

With the taste of a combination somewhere between cranberry, cherry and plum it is certainly an exciting new product for the UK cocktail market and will no doubt be popping up on the spring and summer cocktail lists all over the country.

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