Heat Finalists Announced for Appleton Bartender Challenge

Following a huge reaction to the 2012 Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge the final 72 competitors to make it through to the heats have been announced – full list below.

The moment BarLifeUK learnt about the Bartender Challenge we knew it was going to be one of the must win competitions of the year, due in part to the fact it really challenged the competitors all round bartending skills not just drink making abilities.

The 6 heats will take place over the next 7 weeks with three taking place within London as well as Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh. Getting to this stage is just the beginning with the heats challenging the competitor’s skills to the full.

Each bartender will be asked to compete in 3 different areas through the day consisting of:
Pop Cocktail Creation – Picking one of 12 classic rum cocktails to make and discuss
Bar Knowledge Question – 1 question around the skill of bartending or random bartender fact
Prepared Cocktail – Make an original cocktail used as an up sell including the ‘sales pitch’ given to customers as well as the selling price, GP and Number of Units of Alcohol.

That is just to get through the heats, from what we hear the final is going to be even more intense. Well they are battling for the chance to represent the UK at the finals in Jamaica.

The London West heat is first up at Trailer Happiness on Monday 27th February so come on down to lend your support from 2pm and you never know there might be a Appleton Estate cocktail or two on the go. Details on the other 5 heats to come next week.

Congratulations to all of the 72 heat finalists and we look forward to seeing you all over the next few weeks.

London West
Mario La Pietra
Martin Bell
Mate Csatlos
Joshua Reynolds
Richard Beck
Dan Thomson
Aaron Jones
Mathias Noori
Marco Piroli
Joe Wood
Michelangelo del Pezzo

London East
Adam McGurk
Tim Homewood
Jamie Kimber
Ajax Kentish
Francesco Turrini
Luca Missaglia
Lee Potter Cavanagh
David Andrews
Mimmi Andersson
Nathen Sorby
Stuart Hudson

Sophie Mackay
Nathan Johnson
Justyn Bell
Rachel Ramshall-Smith
Richard Gaskell
Rob Wood
‘Dutch’ Dan Stramrood
Chris Hoy
Matt Green
Rich Tring
Mark Scott
Annie Mason

Brighton/South London
Rafal ‘The Dragon’ Tetich
Peter Mierzwa
Elaine Larkin
Jamie Walton
Ash Bovey
Matt Roberts
Rick James Williams
Alex Proudfoot
Colin Macy
Abdulai Kpekawa
Gareth Evens
David Hyde

Charlene Holt
Paul Murphy
Rob Worsley
Tom Finnon
Adam Wilson
Maxx Whisker
Dave West
Daniel Crowther
Jamie Stephenson
Joannes van Goethem
Jonathan Leathley
Joey Butcher
Johnny Magennis

Kevin Griffon
Andy Galloway
Jon Hughes
Ally Martin
Greg Thornton
Martin Duffy
Murray Drysdale
Easton Boyd
John Collingwood
James Drummond
David Smillie
Kingston Fix