Healthy Hospo Digital Training App Launches

Healthy Hospo’s new App is here, it’s for your phone and it looks fantastic.

There are some things we all need in our lives, water, cake, a comfy pair of shoes, more Paul Rudd and help when it comes to health and wellness. For the last 3 years that help has come for a great many people in the form of Healthy Hospo, either through their website or live sessions.

Tim Etherington-Judge, the founder of Healthy Hospo, is not someone who sits idly by and just when the industry needs help the most, he has launched the Healthy Hospo web-app. Here you will find the hospitality industries first digital training platform dedicated to health and wellness.

We have subscribed and been having a look and play with the new app and it is a fantastic bit of work. It’s extremely easy to navigate with the content divided into 3 main sections – Lessons, Resources and Rewards.

Lessons – covering categories such as Business, Nutrition, General Health, Mental Health, Finance, Exercise and Sleep. With a variety of ‘Instructors’ sharing their expertise, each lesson is divided into small bite-sized sections so you can dip in when you’re on the bus or deep-dive in when you have more time. Either way the app remembers where you are on the various lessons so you can jump back in whenever you like.

Resources – These come as written, video and audio. Whether it be suggested reading lists, chats with industry folk about their careers, hi and lows etc or TED talks on relevant subjects. Once again these are divided into various categories like Food, Library, Sleep, Shift Notes, Health and Mental Health.

Rewards – This section is designed to provide rewards for completing various lessons on the app. This section will be added to in the coming weeks with lots of lovely offers so keep checking back.

I think you’ll agree this is a hell of a resource for our industry and all the work we know has been going on during the pandemic to get this up and running has been well worth it.

Access to all of this content is just £2 a month, and whilst we know times are tough for most of us at the moment this is £2 extremely well spent on looking after yourself.

There will be new content added regularly to ensure there is always fresh material. There is also the opportunity for businesses to sign up their entire staff in one go, and reap the financial benefits of building healthier, happier teams.

Get access to the app right here