Healthy Hospo Celebrates Anniversary With Biggest Event Yet

At the start of this year Tim Etherington-Judge launch Healthy Hospitality, to mark the one year anniversary he is putting on a fantastic looking event.

About this time a year ago Tim sent BarLifeUK a message telling us all about Healthy Hospo, his vision to help the industry treat itself better and help to combat some of the issues hospitality workers face. If I’m honest I was sceptical, I may even have scoffed at the idea. I was wrong.

Ohhh look a pot plant....
Ohhh look a pot plant….

Earlier this year Tim gave a talk to our Rookie Programme, it was one of the most inspiring talks the Rookies have ever had. He explained that in small and simple ways hospitality workers can make their lives better, no massive life changes needed but little ideas which can make all the difference.

Now if this old stubborn git can get inspired then I promise that you can as well.

To mark the year anniversary of the launch of Healthy Hospo Tim is putting on the biggest event yet. On the 21st January in London a twaddle (the actual collective noun) of speakers will gather, joined by a series of workshops plus a No and Low abv/sugar/calorie bar and healthy lunch.

The lineup looks very much like this:


Nick Littlehales – World’s leading sports sleep coach working with Chelsea, Man Utd, British Olympic Team & British Cycling

Claire Warner & Fabiano Latham – Bring the healing power of nature and adventure to life

Merly Kammerling – Teaching us all how to deal with stress and anxiety

Jim Wrigley & Dan Dove – How to create better drinks and understand their nutritional value

Tim Etherington-Judge – Making your habits stick by changing the conversation and building structure


Yoga with La Maison Wellness – Camille Vidal brings her zen calm to the mat

Pilates with Maverick Pilates – Sue Leckie can help you build a strong, pain free body

Martini Ciclismo – Get on a bike and learn about this amazing bartender activation

Danny Fisher – Posture expert who knows exactly how to fix you and put an end to pain

With more to be confirmed closer to the date

A No and Low abv/sugar/calorie bar with Kamm & Sons, Martini, London Essence Co, St Germain plus many more

Tickets can be purchased here (they’re only a tenner plus booking fee, a bloody bargain)

If you can’t make it then we suggest you check out the Healthy Hospo website and have a look around. Becoming a member will be the second best £10 a month you spend (Netflix is still a bargain).

See the rest of you there in January, I’ll be the one unable to touch his toes (or knees).