Health and Wellness Resource for Hospitality Workers ‘Healthy Hospo’ Launches 

Tim Etherington-Judge launches not-for-profit social enterprise designed to help hospitality workers live healthily

BarLifeUK News - Health and Wellness Resource for Hospitality Workers ‘Healthy Hospo’ Launches For a very long time, the obvious and serious potential downsides to working in bars were a taboo subject. Bartenders in particular were ‘supposed’ to want to smash it, get on it, and perpetually live the kind life their customers would indulge in once or twice a month. Anyone who turned down a shot or went home before the sun came up ran the risk of ‘not fitting in’.

Thankfully those days are on the wane, and the industry has become a little more introspective. Alcohol abuse and addiction are more widely discussed, which is a good thing, however issues such as poor diet, lack of sleep, and the impact on personal relationships that go hand-in-hand with a bar life are still rarely addressed. As, it must be said, is mental health in general, both in and outside the bar industry.

Tim Etherington-Judge, a twenty year veteran of the bar industry – most recently as Bulleit Bourbon’s brand ambassador – understands such dangers well. He suffered a mental health crisis in 2016, and has subsequently spoken openly about its causes and documented his recovery.

Taking what he learned during that recovery process, Etherington-Judge has created Healthy Hospo, a set of resources that include a website filled with advice and support, and a day-long seminar, in an effort to help bartenders and other hospitality workers live healthily and avoid the worst of the lifestyle traps that litter the industry.

Tim Etherington-Judge says: “In 2016 I had a very personally traumatic time but I wanted to take this experience and turn it into something positive. Healthy Hospo will seek to improve the health and wellness of hospitality professionals throughout the industry through preventative measures enabling them to lead healthier, happier working lives and build more sustainable careers. I also hope that by doing this we will also benefit business owners, helping them build a healthier workforce resulting in increased profitability, staff retention and reduced lost days to sickness.”

The first Healthy Hospo workshop will take place on January 15th at Core Clapton, East London.

Seminars will include diverse topics including: An end to back pain, how to cure a hangover, meditation for everyone, an introduction to yoga & pilates by Melissa Zelaya and Sue Leckie, Nutrition for Hospo and “how running saved my life” by acclaimed ultra-endurance runner: Luke Tyburski.

Healthy Hospo can also be found online:

Twitter & Instagram: @healthyhospo
Facebook: Healthy Hospo