Harveys Remix Final 3 to Compete at Final in Jerez

The final 3 have been chosen to battle it out at the final of the Harveys Remix competition in Jerez next week.

Earlier this year Harveys hosted a masterclass at Hixter Bankside, on hand was Harvey’s Brand Ambassador Maria Eugenia Herrera as well as members of the Maxxium Mixxit team.Harveys-bottles

After a nice long refreshing cocktail on arrival we, the ‘we’ being a mixture of press and bartenders, sat down to listen to an introduction to sherry from Maria before we had a fantastic 3 course lunch matched with various expressions from the Harveys range including a rather impressive roast chicken with all the trimmings carved at the table.

Amanda Humphrey of Mixxit talked us through the pairings whilst Maria gave us more information on each of the brands and the differences in their production techniques. There was more to the day than just an excuse for a good feed and lovely drinks however, as the Harveys Remix Competition was launched.

We all piled to the bar downstairs where Wayne Collins from Mixxit was set up behind the bar to knock up a few classic sherry cocktails using some of the Harveys range. This was designed to inspire the bartenders on hand and get them thinking about what they would mix up to enter the competition.

The bartenders (both those that attended and also open to any other UK bartender) were tasked with creating a contemporary Harveys sherry cocktail which encourages today’s UK consumers to get involved in this cocktail trendy category.

Over the next few weeks we received entries from across the UK proving that bartenders obsession with sherry is showing no signs of slowing down. BarLifeUK sat down with Amanda to sift through all of the entries and pick our favourite three who would be joining us over in Jerez for the final.


Once the dust had settled we had our final three who are: Joe Macbeth of Rub Smokehouse & Bar (Nottingham), Robyn Wilkie of Mash (London) and Georgia Billing of Looking Glass Cocktail Club (London).

These three will be heading over to the home of Harveys in Jerez Southern Spain in a couple of weeks time where Maria will be on hand to show them round the vineyards and bodegas of Harveys as well as exploring the beautiful town of Jerez and no doubt drinking plenty of fantastic sherry and devouring a small mountain of tapas.Harveys-vineyard

Whilst out there they will also be competing against each other to take out the title and grab themselves £500 (which they will undoubtedly be trying not to spend entirely on sherry before they get on the flight back). Full recipe specs are at the end of the article but here is a look at the inspiration and thought process behind the winning drinks:

Joe’s take on the Boulevardier, called Sunset Boulevardier, is made with Harveys Amontillado Medium Dry, Harveys Fino, Knob Creek, Campari infused with Maraschino cherry, a homemade smoked and grilled pineapple syrup and cardamom bitters. Joe created the drink to bridge the gap between classic cocktail and the modern age of contemporary reboots, while evoking the Iberian Peninsula.

Georgia’s Gift of Time featured Harveys Fino and Harveys Palo Cortado V.O.R.S, Pisco, pear juice, homemade spice syrup and lemon juice. Designed for sharing, the cocktail is a version of white sangria that can be enjoyed at a barbeque with friends and family.

Robyn created a cocktail inspired by the flavour profile of Harveys Amontillado called Caballo Cartunjano (Carthusian horse), named after the horses that are part of the culture in Jerez. Made with lemon juice, coconut orgeat and absinthe, this cocktail was created to invite consumers to enjoy sherry.

BarLifeUK will be over in Jerez to judge the final of the competition and we’ll be bringing you all the news of what they get up to whilst they’re there.

Joe Macbeth – Sunset Boulevardier        

  • 35ml Harveys Amontillado Medium Dry
  • 15ml Harveys Fino Sherry
  • 35ml Knob Creek Bourbon
  • 20ml Maraschino Cherry Infused Campari
  • 20ml Homemade Smoked & Grilled Pineapple Syrup
  • 2 Dashes of Cardamom Bitters

Prepare in a mixing glass. Stir down both sherries, bourbon, bitters and Campari over cubed ice until chilled. Strain over ice balls into an Old Fashioned Glass. Float homemade smoked & grilled pineapple syrup over the top so the drink sits red on the bottom and yellow on top. This should create a sunset effect. Garnish with a sprig of thyme pegged to the glass and a maraschino cherry & pineapple slice on a bamboo skewer.

Georgia Billing – Gift of Time

  • 75mL Harveys Fino
  • 20mL Pisco
  • 50mL Pear Juice
  • 15mL Spice syrup (Homemade, LGCC ‘Underland’ Laboratory)
  • 10mL Lemon juice

Sharing Jug (recipe above is for one cocktail), 20ml Harveys Palo Cortado and splash of soda. Garnished with fresh melon inside glass, dried lemon slice, carnation, grilled pineapple with cinnamon dust.
Note: Spice syrup contains rosemary, cinnamon, caraway and carnation petals.

Robyn Wilkie – Caballo Cartujano             

  • 50ml Harveys Amontillado VORS
  • 15ml Lemon
  • 15ml Coconut Orgeat
  • 2 dashes absinthe

Shake, serve straight up with a dehydrated lemon wheel & discarded lemon zest for aroma.