Harveys Cobbler Challenge Open For Entries

Sherry is rapidly becoming the ingredient de jour in cocktails and Harveys are celebrating that whilst offering you the chance to win a trip to Jerez, Spain.

Possibly the most iconic sherry cocktail is the Sherry Cobbler but it is viewed in many circles as a slightly dated classic. Harveys want to bring it back and are asking bartenders to come up with a twist on the recipe to get it back on cocktail lists across the country.

The winning prize is a fantastic trip to Jerez in the south of Spain where you will be able to visit the local vineyards and bodegas. This is unconfirmed but we’re pretty sure there will be some rather magnificent sherries to enjoy too.

BarLifeUK recently went to a sherry training held by Harveys and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the differences in the varieties available within the range (more details and maybe some inspiration here). You are being invited to celebrate these complexities with the option to use any of the Harveys range in your drink.

So your drink must contain a minimum of 40ml of any of the following Harveys brands: Harveys Fino, Harveys Medium Sherry and Harveys Bristol Cream in addition to the award winning Very Old Rare Sherry range (VORS), including Harveys Fine Old Amontillado, Harveys Palo Cortado, Harveys Rich Old Oloroso and Harveys PX.

The Harveys must be the main ingredient and the cocktail can only contain 4 other ingredients of which only 1 can be homemade. They are searching for a modern classic after all.

The entry form can be found below and the entries will be whittled down by a panel of 3 judges led by Mixxt manager Amanda Humphrey. The finalists will be invited to London in August where they will compete for the chance to win the trip to Spain.

Deadline for entries is 21st July.