Harappa Bombay Mix – Little Pots of Joy

While tons of effort is often put into sourcing interesting or unusual ingredients for drinks, bars often overlook their snack offering – serving a packet of dry roasted peanuts alongside a lovingly crafted cocktail somehow seems a bit wrong.

Into this wasteland of dull finger food steps Harappa Bombay Mix.

Harappa Bombay MixNamed after a city in the Indus Valley founded during the age of the pyramids, Harappa Bombay Mix takes skills and traditions of the ancient world and marries them with modern flavours and ingredients.

In three varieties, Hot Hot Chilli, Lime and Coriander, and Mango Chutney, Harrapa contains no artificial ingredients, and comes in packaging that attracts the eye… perfect for sitting on the back bar and calling out to peckish drinkers.

The flavour varieties have been specially chosen to appeal to young, bar-going customers whilst reflecting current trends in both food and drink… there’s a good chance you have a lime and coriander cocktail on your list, and mango chutney is everyone’s favourite chutney with a Friday night curry.

For more information, and to purchase Harappa Bombay Mix, visit their website.