Hannah Lanfear Launches The Mixing Class Hospitality Survey

Global survey sets out to map the hospitality industry with an eye on diversity, equal opportunities, and social responsibility.

BarLifeUK News - Hannah Lanfear Launches The Mixing Class Hospitality SurveyBarLifeUK readers will most likely know Hannah Lanfear either from her time behind the stick at Boisdale, or more recently as brand ambassador for Jensen’s Gin. BarLifeUK staff know Hannah as the only person in the industry who could possibly out-geek us when it comes to knowledge of Prince’s back catalogue, which in addition to her bar skills, is why we like her.

Hannah recently left Jensen’s Gin to set up The Mixing Class, a consultancy which describes itself as having three core tenets: belief in the importance of education, research, and social responsibility.

The education part of this mission statement involves training which The Mixing Class will deliver in association with the WSET.

Education and social responsibility are encompassed by a piece of research that will examine demographics within the cocktail industry.

Hannah says of the project: “The Mixing Class is about examining the issues facing the industry and the cities we operate in. We want to ask questions and explore solutions. Are we a truly diverse industry? Have we defeated sexism? What can we do as an industry to better work with local communities negatively impacted by gentrification? With our findings we hope to open a dialogue and offer progressive ways to advance the hiring and education practices of the industry.”

Recent events that most readers will be familiar with point to the fact that the cocktail industry, despite seeing itself as inclusive and friendly, is not without discriminatory attitudes or immune to inequality, and so for our money, this survey and the research it will produce will prove valuable and we encourage you to get involved.

To complete the survey (15 minutes) click here.

For more information on The Mixing Class and WSET training, click here.