G’Vine Gin Conoisseur Program Awaiting Your Entry

Win $3,000, an international bar tour and a week in France with G’Vine Gin

G’Vine is a French gin that uses grape spirit infused with vine flowers and 10 botanicals to create a spirit with what Gaz Regan describes as “exceedingly intriguing, incredibly seductive, floral notes”.

The French countryside and its vineyards play heavily in both the gin’s flavour and heritage, and so it is fitting that G’Vine Conoisseur Program (GCP) finalists will be taken there for a week as the competition comes to a climax.

How to Enter

However to secure a place on the trip to Cognac, entrants must first compete in regional preliminary heats and complete a number of online, interactive exams set by Philip Duff.

Full details on the GCP can be found here, but in brief, you will need to:

  • Complete the online module on ‘Advanced Gin Cocktails’
  • Complete the online module on ‘World of Bars’
  • Complete the online module on ‘G’Vine Education’
  • Create a G’Vine cocktail and include it on your bar’s menu until April 29th

The UK preliminary will be held at Nightjar on Monday April 18th from 1-6pm. Philip Duff will be speaking about the ‘History of Gin’ and you will be able to score points during blind nosing and cocktail creation rounds.

You can register on the UK preliminary Facebook page or email Simon Davies for details.

The deadline for completing the online modules in April 29th

The trip to Cognac

The lucky bartenders who qualify for the final week will spend 7 days in Cognac. During that time they will enjoy some great activities, including:

  • Seminars with Gaz Regan and G’Vine Master Distiller Jean Sebastien Robicquet
  • Tour the distillery and 16th Century G’Vine HQ
  • Create a personal blend of G’Vine
  • Work your own personal bar at the G’Vine Summer Ball, which has an industry VIP guest list and offers the chance to win more points towards the competition total

The prize

Two finalists from Canada, Germany, Spain, the USA and the UK will find themselves vying for the ultimate prize of:

  • $3,000
  • A platinum winner’s pin
  • A year’s supply of G’Vine for your bar
  • A bar tour of either London or New York

Enter the G’Vine Gin Conoisseur Program Here