G’Vine Escape to the Grape Winners Announced

Five bartenders win VIP trip to Cognac with G’Vine

Kate Jackson’s ‘Quince Dreams’

G’Vine’s Escape to the Grape competition asked bartenders from all over the world to create a gin and tonic, using either G’Vine Nouaison or Floraison, inspired by an escape from the daily grind.

Competitors submitted their recipe and a photo or video of their inspiration, which was then assessed by a judging panel and well as being open to voting by customers.

The five winners will attend an exclusive trip, hosted by Jean-Sebastian Robicquet, G’Vine Master Distiller and Blender, visiting the region’s finest grape producers, tasting the rarest wines, and meeting multiple generations of winemakers. The trip will culminate with a visit to the Maison Villevert, where each bartender will make their own unconventional gin, inspired by their journey.

There will of course also be a massive party to round out the trip, attended by various industry legends, and Jamie Jones.

Congratulations then to the five worthy Escape to the Grape winners:

  • Kate Jackson from UK (The King of Ladies Man, The Mayor of Scaredycat Town)
  • Lin Da Niu from Taiwan (Trio)
  • Jagoba Santesteban from Spain (Geo Cocktail)
  • Nick Salvadurai from Australia (Cookie)
  • Yasuhiro Kawakubo from Japan (Bar Libre)

The drinks 

Kate Jackson – Quince Dreams

  • 50ml Nouaison
  • 30ml homemade quince syrup toasted with pink peppercorns, cardamom & coriander seeds
  • 10ml fresh lime
  • Lengthened with bitter lemon

Garnished with black grape & juice ice cubes.

Lin Da Niu – Lamune Gin & Tonic

Pour 50ml G’Vine Floraison into collins glass filled with ice cubes, fill halfway with Marble Soda, and top with tonic.

Squeeze half a lime on top and garnish with a long thin slice of fresh ginger.

Jagoba Santesteban Orrantia – Geo Vine 

  • 5cl G’Vine Floraison
  • 1 Barspoon June
  • 20cl Tonic water
  • 4 grape
  • 1 piece of liquorice

Serve in a wine glass over ice.

Nick Selvadurai – La Mer et Le Soleil

1 strawberry, and some thyme muddled up, then 45ml G’Vine gin, 15ml lime juice, 20ml Lillet rose, 10ml sugar and a pinch of turmeric salt all shaken and strained into a soda syphon with 60ml of sparkling mineral water. Charged then served in a Collins with a strawberry and time garnish

Yasuhiro Kawakubo – Splash G’VINE Tonic

  • 50ml G’VINE Floraison
  • 50ml Tonic
  • Aroma oil of muscat
  • Fresh rosemary

Pour G’VINE into the glass like waterfall (long pour) bringing out the aroma of G’VINE