Government Energy Crisis Help Announcement

Liz Truss has, this morning, announced the government’s plan to tackle the UK energy crisis.

Since we last spoke about such things the Prime Moron has been replaced by the Prime No-one. Lizz ‘Kaa’ Truss, our leader and future British Gas board member, has announced the Conservative Parties plans to deal with the countries energy crisis, an issue that is a greater concern to the hospitality industry than even Covid was.

Truss In Me

So what has she said:


  • For the next 6 months there will be a similar price cap for businesses which means the cost per unit (kilowatt per hour) will be capped at the same amount as households will pay with the new plans. Not a cap on overall bills but rather on kWh prices.
  • After that period more support will be available for vulnerable industry sectors and hospitality was named specifically as one of these sectors


  • Yearly energy bills to be capped at £2,500 in England, Scotland, Wales and NI from October 1st for a two year period

Who is paying for it? We are of course. Not the energy companies making billions from us but that is an argument we will leave for now.

Is this announcement the answer? No. Is it going to help businesses in the hospitality industry survive this period? Let us fucking hope so.

There will undoubtedly be more details and fine print to come in the coming hours and days and we will be updating this story when they do come in as well as linking to any useful articles we find.

Good luck everyone and please remember to keep an eye on your friends and colleagues, it is another tough period for us all.