Glenfiddich Malt Mastermind Returns for 2014

Glenfiddich’s 2014 Malt Mastermind comp brings its 15 Year Old Distillery Edition into the mix.

Till Britze – Glenfiddich Malt Mastermind, 2013

Now in its fifth year, Glenfiddich’s Malt Mastermind has become a regular highlight on a competition calendar which offers bartenders relatively few opportunities to play with whisky.

Glenfiddich have made a few tweaks to the format this year, with eleven finalists (plus wild card – Jamie Ireland) instead of six being invited to the final, which will take place in London on November 17th. At the final, bartenders will make their signature serve, as well as completing a challenge to be revealed on the day.

Which brings us nicely to the liquid you will be using: for 2014, the Malt Mastermind competition will focus on Glenfiddich’s 14YO Rich Oak, 15YO and 15YO Distillery Edition varieties.

The judging panel will consist of Mark Thomson who reprises his 2013 role, Kirsten Grant Miekle, a William Grant family member and director of prestige brands, and Roman Foltan of Artesian fame.

The Malt Mastermind prize is pretty fantastic, consisting of £1000 cash as well as an all-expenses-paid trip to the Glenfiddich distillery, including the chance to poke around in areas off-limits to members of the public, and the opportunity to judge next year’s competition.

To enter, visit the Glenfiddich website and complete a short form. 

The form will ask you to enter your cocktail spec, so make sure you have created that before logging on.