Win a Trip to Ibiza with Gin Mare

Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations competition will take four UK heat winners to the international final at a rock star Ibiza villa.

Can you see yourself lounging here, sipping gin? You betchacan...

If ever there was a place that embodies the spirit of bartenders, it’s Ibiza. It has everything: Sun, sea, sand, amazing food and lots of ‘pretty ladies’ (said in an Alex Kratena accent).

And of course pretty boys for the female bartending community.

The Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations comp would like to take you to this magic island, with a view to representing the UK in the international final.

The competition asks you to create two drinks – one original cocktail inspired by Gin Mare’s botanicals, and also a Dirty Martini twist.

There will be four qualifying heats, with the winner of each flying to Ibiza in September. The four UK winners will then compete against each other to decide who will represent the UK at the international final, against some of Europe’s best bartenders, the following day.

The four regional heats will be as follows:

  • Manchester: April 3rd at the Boutique Bar Show.
  • Leeds – 28th May, The Mavern
  • London – 19th June
  • Bristol – 24th July, The Colour Inn
  • Edinburgh – 31st July, The Sheraton Hotel

To enter, simply devise your recipes and enter them into the secure form below. If your drinks score you a place in the regional heats, you will be informed by telephone or email.

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