Win a Trip to Ibiza and £4.5K with the Gin Mare Cocktail Competition

The winner of each of the Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspiration heats will be heading to Ibiza for the UK Final and then the chance to win £4.5K.

One of BarLifeUK’s favourite cocktail comps last year was the Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations Competition. This was not only because we got to go to Ibiza for the final (although that was pretty amazing) but also because the competition itself produced some of our favourite drinks of 2012.

As you can see it’s hell at the UK final…

This year we are delighted to announce the competition is back and even better is the news that they will once again be holding the UK final overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Ibiza.

‘I was thrilled to compete in the Gin Mare competition, not only because Ibiza was so amazing, but because I met learned a lot from my competitors and I met so many great people. Gin Mare is the absolute embodiment of Mediterranean lifestyle, an if your lucky enough to compete, you’ll see why’
Dee Ann Quinones, Winner 2012 UK Final

That’s right you lucky people, simply win one of the five heats across the UK (London (x2), Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol) and you will find yourself on a plane to Ibiza for a couple of days.

Entering couldn’t be easier, simply fill in the form below and you’ll be informed whether you have made it into your nearest heat after the paper judging round. To enter you will have to come up with two cocktails.

It’s not all play though, as Dee shows in the World Final

First up is the Mediterranean Inspiration cocktail, you can let your imagination go wild with this one with the only rule being it has to contain at least 30ml of Gin Mare and of course be inspired by the Mediterranean. Secondly is the twist on a Dirty Martini, again using a minimum of 30ml Gin Mare.

To find out all about last years competition finals you can read the story here. It certainly isn’t all work, work, work over there. There is plenty of time and opportunities to enjoy the Ibiza sunshine, scenery and nightlife.

‘All the competitors were incredible on the day of competition, but were also amazing fun by the pool and out clubbing! This was a trip I learned a lot from and will never forget. Thanks Gin Mare!’
Toni Herbert, Finalist 2012 UK Final

The fun doesn’t have to stop at the end of the UK final either as the winner in Ibiza will be staying an extra couple of nights at the luxury villa (complete with infinity pool) and competing in the World Final.

Okay it’s mainly pretty cushdy…

I don’t think you’ll be needing much more incentive to get involved in this comp but just in case you are, for some reason, not totally sold over to another of last years UK Finalists for his thoughts.

‘We were welcomed like family and were immediately plied with booze and good food. Everyone instantly fell into a good rapport and as friendships blossomed I couldn’t think of a more quality bunch of people to be spending my time with. The next day as game faces went on I was extremely impressed at the versatility and quality of the drinks the other competitors flexed out. Gin Mare is a unique product with infinite possibilities in the cocktail world, I would recommend having a play with it, and definitely trying to win a top spot in what I genuinely believe is an experience of a lifetime.’
Dave ‘The Hat’ Gerrans, Finalist 2012 UK Final

  • Entry deadline for Scotland heat: Close of play 09th July 2013
  • Entry deadline for London heat: Close of play 16th July 2013