Fords Gin Goes Green

Don’t worry they haven’t stopped showering or started making hemp bras, it’s the bottle that’s getting a new look.

As anyone who has experienced the joys of The 86 Company brands will know the bottles have all be designed with the bartender in mind. One of these features is the fact the bottles are encouraged to be used when emptied as juice bottles behind your bar.86CO_FordsGin_Liter_Green-US

Presumably to celebrate the fact that you no longer have to sell a kidney to afford the limes to make a daiquiri in the states Fords Gin have launched a special edition green bottle for all your lime juice based needs.

Whilst the bottle has changed the liquid inside hasn’t. It’s still the same London Dry Gin made at the Thames Distillery by 8th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell containing nine botanicals from around the world.

We had a quick chat with Dan Warner, the face of The 86 Co over this side of the pond, to find out what the green was all about.

BarLifeUK: Why the green bottle?
Dan Warner: Gin was traditionally bottled in green glass so it’s a little doth of the cap to that, but the main reason is to solve a bartender need – a green glass bottle to re-use for your lime juice.

BLUK: Hmmmm, is it really because Simon Ford got drunk and ordered the wrong colour bottles?
DW: Shhhhush!!! Every mistake is an opportunity….

BLUK: How many bottles will be in the UK?
DW: Just 12 x 1 litre bottles.

BLUK: 12?? That seems a little mean. Any chance we can have one to give to our lovely readers?
DW: Ohhhhh go on then.

BLUK: If they fail to win the bottle in our giveaway how do they get hold of a bottle themselves?
DW: Jump on a plane to the US and buy one out there

BLUK: What if they can’t get on a plane, what would be a good bribe for you?
DW: I’m pretty old fashioned, so cold hard cash will do it.

So there you are. Only 12 bottles of this limited edition bottling of Fords Gin are going to make their way to sunny England and you have three opportunities to get a bottle.

  • Fill in the form below and hope you are pulled out of the hat
  • Spank a few hundred quid on a flight to the States
  • Spank a few hundred quid on bribing Dan

Form? Okay then. If in the meantime you fancy getting your hands on the rest of The 86 Company range head to CASK Liquid Marketing’s website here.