Fightback Lager Partner With Ticketmaster To Support Local Music Venues and Artists

Ticketmaster partnership helps Fightback Nights gigs directly support the Music Venue Trust

BarLifeUK recently published a story about Fightback Lager and how the brand directly helps the Music Venue Trust support grassroots music venues, because the loss of so many local gig venues is something I feel strongly about as many of my fondest memories were formed at shows, both on the stage and in front of it.

Fightback Lager Partner With Ticketmaster To Support Local Music Venues and ArtistsAs difficult as things are for small independent music venues at the moment however, there have been a couple of good news stories this week. The first is that the Music Venue Trust has secured from the government £5M in extra funding that will be used support the grass roots music venues. The second is that Ticketmaster has partnered with Fightback Lager to support and promote ‘Fightback Nights’ shows, which provide a platform for local artists, and generate funds for the Music Venue Trust by way of a donation for every pint of beer or cider sold at the gigs.

Fightback co-founder Gary Prosser says of the partnership: “Thanks to our friends at Ticketmaster, we’re able to shine a light on some of the shows happening week in, week out, where artists are growing audiences and building their careers. Independent venues continue to face strong headwinds, meaning the work of MVT remains essential for the long haul. Despite the challenges, the grassroots remain defiant. We believe anything that brings stakeholders from across the live music industry to work together has the ability to make a real, long-term difference.

If you fancy a night out with live music and excellent beer that directly supports up-coming artists and a sector of the hospitality industry that is under extreme pressure, pop along to a Fightback Nights show and kill those two birds with one stone.

You can find the Fightback Nights events on the Ticketmaster website by clicking here.