Female Bartender Mentoring Organisation Coleman’s Academy Hold London Event

March 15th 2018, Bar Swift, 12-2:30pm. Women Only Event

Ali Dedianko (L) & Emily Wheldon
Ali Dedianko (L) & Emily Wheldon

Named for the eponymous Ada and founded in Australia by Paige Aubort, Coleman’s Academy aims to “create a collaborative environment of strengthening female participation in our industry and Inspiring women in our industry to pursue goals and career objectives as bartenders”.

Well established in Australia with a roster of speakers that includes Tash Conte (Black Pearl), Harriet Leigh (Archie Rose), Dominique Easter (The Hazy Rose), and Paige Aubort herself, Coleman’s Academy is now expanding overseas, with its first international session taking place in London on March 15th, with Ali Dedianko and Emily Wheldon speaking.

​Ali Dedianko and Emily Wheldon will bring a breath of knowledge and experience that is often only found in global cities such as London. Everyone who has spoken at Coleman’s Academy previously have come personally recommended and that was the same with these two incredible women. I am beyond proud and excited to be able to bring Coleman’s Academy to London and to have Ali and Emily as the first speakers is an honour.​” Comments Coleman’s Academy founder, Paige Aubort. When asked why the Academy was expanding outside Australia, she went on to say:

The fact of the matter is, that many of the issues occurring in women’s lives are taking place all around the world, it’s not just specific to Sydney. We’re talking imposter syndrome, sexual harassment, pay gaps based on gender, the lot… If there’s a opportunity to create something similar to that of whats occurring in Sydney right now, no mater how constrained by time limits, then it’s gotta be taken.”

The Coleman’s Academy London session will take place at Bar Swift on March 15th, 2015. The event is free but only open to women. Paige explains “We want to create a space where women’s voices can be heard and experience this doesn’t always happen in a mixed group.”

Should any male readers feel a temptation to moan about this being a women-only event, BarLifeUK invite them to consider the millions of occasions in history that men have said women can’t do something or go somewhere because of their gender, and then shut the hell up.

You can connect with Caleman’s Academy on Facebook by clicking here.

The speakers

Paige Aubort
Paige Aubort is the group manager for Mary’s Group (The Unicorn Hotel, Mary’s, Mary’s CBD and The Landsdowne Hotel), has made Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list, was the first female to be named ALIAS Bartender of the Year in 2015, and was previously part of the management team at the the Sydney rum institution The Lobo Plantation and Kittyhawk before moving to Mary’s Group in 2017. Outside of her professional accolades, Paige’s sights some of her greatest work to have been with the Coleman’s Academy, which she is proud to now be bringing to the female bartenders around the world.

Ali Dedianko
Ali Dedianko worked behind the bar for 8 years before winning Belvedere Vodka’s global cocktail competition in 2011, going on to become the brand’s Global Brand Ambassador. Since then, Ali has held the role of Director of Education with the brand and went on to manage a team of ambassadors around the world. In 2016, Ali joined the team at DrinkUp.London where she is the Creative Director of London Beer Week. In September of 2017, Ali and her husband opened Ceremony, a vegetarian restaurant & bar in Tufnell Park, North London.

Emily Wheldon
With a 20 year history in premium and luxury brand sales and management, Emily is a global drinks culture expert at Diageo, having covered all the roles from brand ambassador to marketing manager, as well as previously being owner/operator of an award-winning cocktail venue in the UK. Now running the Global World Class program, day to day life involves working with and learning from industry influencers. Based in Amsterdam Emily is currently planning the World Class Finals 2018, to be held in Berlin.