Facebook email alerts from BarLifeUK (and how to stop them)

Facebook - Bastards

Facebook recently changed the way groups work and how they communicate with members.

The new setup is universally unpopular with group admins, but unfortunately we weren’t given any choice in the matter, and the BarLifeUK group was upgraded last week by Facebook.

One major change to groups are email notifications. Whenever we post new information to the group wall, or a member comments on a post, you will be sent an email notification (this goes for any group of which you are a member).

We don’t have the ability to switch this off, and are conscious of the fact that the email alerts may become annoying.

We don’t want to stop posting information to the group and communicating with our members, so below we have posted a short Youtube video that shows you how to turn off email notifications from your end. This process will work for any Facebook group you belong to.



How to stop Facebook email alerts