Excellia – a new Tequila on the block

At the recent Tequila Fair at the Mexican Ambassador’s residence, we were lucky enough to try a new tequila.

Excellia Reposado
Nice bottle isn't it?

Called Excellia, we found it rather spiffing and so found out as much as we could about it, including where to get it, for you lucky folk. Excellia is an exciting new brand because the guys behind it have one heck of a pedigree between them:

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet is a name that might sound familiar to you for he is the man behind both Ciroc Vodka and G’Vine Gin.

Carlos Camarena will certainly be familiar to you tequila lovers out there as the master-distiller who gave us Tequila Tapatio.

When you know a little about the brains behind this new brand it won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that this Tequila is designed to marry together grape and agave characters.

The tequila itself is made from 100% blue agave from the highlands of Mexico before it is fermented in wooden vats and twice distilled. The next stage is, we imagine, where Jean-Sebastien’s skills came in.

The tequila is aged in two types of barrels – Grand Cru Sauternes casks and Cognac barrels each giving their own unique characteristics to the tequila. The Sauternes wine casks have been used to produce only one vintage, meaning two or three years and the Cognac casks have been used for more than 20 years to age renowned cognacs.

How do they know this for sure? Well each barrel is individually selected, numbered and shipped from France under supervision of a government officer……. Blimey!

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well it is and if you want to try them for yourselves get in touch with the good folk at International Spirit Brands via their website or the old fashioned way on 020 8275 4489

Tasting Notes (from the brand not our fair lips):

Excellia Blanco
Excellia Blanco


Only aged a few weeks in Grand Cru Sauternes wine casks and Cognac barrels, Excellia Blanco has a very light straw color. The bouquet slightly releases notes of wood, spices and fruits. The smooth finish rounds off the palate.

Excellia Reposado’s complex bouquet mixes sweet vinic aromas with red berry and spicy notes. The wood and wine expressions brought by the nine months ageing in Grand Cru Sauternes wine casks and Cognac barrels perfectly envelop gingerbread, honey nectar and cocoa flavors.

Excellia Anejo
Excellia Anejo


Aged eighteen months, Excellia Anejo delivers at first the rancio flavors from the cognac barrel. Then, the bouquet offers honey, fruity and floral notes. The long finish is soft and silky with cocoa flavors. Excellia Anejo is draped in amber color with golden glints.