Enter the Janneau Armagnac Three Musketeers Inspired Competition

This year at London Boutique Bar Show Janneau will be hosting the 1st annual “All for One, and One for All” competition.

Each team of three will be competing for the chance to win an all-inclusive trip to the South West of France, the home of Armagnac. The trip will consist of staying at a first class accommodation, fine dining and surfing lessons.

Rounding up your Musketeers

Each team must consist of 3 bartenders. You must have a name for your team and will be asked to make a sharing drink based on 3 people. Your drink must contain 75ml Janneau V.S.O.P. and the rest is up to you.

You will be judged on 18th September on the competition stage at the London Boutique Bar Show on presentation, originality, taste and appearance. Like most competitions should be, there are no other rules!

Maison Janneau is one the oldest great Armagnac houses. Founded by Pierre Etienne Janneau, in the far off days of 1851 at Condom in Armagnac, four generations of the Janneau family have followed, passing down the secret of Grand Armagnac from Father to Son.

Today, Janneau is a leading brand in the Armagnac sector, and produces exclusively Superior Quality (from VSOP to the more aged varieties).

To enter please contact: Janneau Ambassador – Matthew Dakers – md@fells.co.uk

What you waiting for? On Guard!