El Dorado Swizzle Competition Heat Competitors Announced

This comp is going to be the bomb…

Looks alright, doesn't it?

Since first writing about the El Dorado Swizzle Competition, we have had an overwhelming number of entries.

Everyone, it seems, loves a Swizzle. Although, the chance to win a trip to Guyana and its famous giant otters probably hasn’t hurt the comp’s popularity.

The deadline for entries expired on the 16th or May, at which point we supplied them with the bartender’s name and bar removed to El Dorado’s global ambassador Stef Holt.

Stef paper-judged these anonymous recipes, and has compiled the best entries into the following five regional heats.

So, if your name is on the list below, congratulations, you made the cut… And we’ll be seeing you make them in the flesh very soon.

The heats and competitors

Northern Region – Liars Club, Manchester, 13th June
  • James Wall from Liars Club Manchester
  • Brodie Meah from Liars Club Manchester
  • Becky Davies from Liars Club Manchester
  • Jamie Jones from Yacht Club Manchester
  • Tom Higham from Yacht Club Manchester
  • Matt Law from Mojo Manchester
  • Leon Dalloway from Socio Rehab Manchester
  • Matthew Hastings from Common Room Sheffield
  • Samantha Fish from Mojo Leeds
  • Daniel Crowther from Jakes Leeds
  • Matthew Coates from Trio Leeds
  • Daniel D’Amelio from Aloha Liverpool
  • Jake Coventry from Residence Nantwich
South West Region – Sahara Bar, Reading, 29th May
  • Annie Mason from Hyde & Co Bristol
  • Chelsie Bailey from The Rummer Bristol
  • Dan Bovey from Sahara in Reading
  • Benji Ryde from Mix in Reading
  • Ash Bovey from Sahara in Reading
  • Daniel Foster-Smith from Crazy Bear Oxford
  • Alex Proudfood from Raouls Oxford
  • Ruairdh Muir from Raouls Oxford
Midlands Region – Island Bar, Birmingham, 14th June
  • Christian Tirel from Minus One Nottingham
  • Matthew Clark from Morgan’s Bar Leamington Spa
  • Sophie Mackay from Rose Villa Tavern Birmingham
  • Robert Wood from the Kenilworth Hotel
  • Andrew Paul from Cotswold House Hotel Gloucester
London North/East – Wax Jambu, 7th June
  • Andrei Grosu from Bar Solo
  • Nuno from Hawksmoor
  • Dee Ann Quinones from 69 and Drake & Morgan
  • Jamie Passmore from Hawksmoor Spitalfields
  • Joseph St Clair-Ford from Village East
  • Matthew Critchley from Shoreditch House
  • Juliana Freitas from Wax Jambu
  • Nastassia Martin from The Hide Bar
  • Peter Mierzwa from Seattle Hotel Brighton
  • Pietro Rizzo from Wax Jambu
  • Michael Stringer (events)
  • David Hamilton Boyd from Organic Spirit (events)
London Central/South/West – London Cocktail Club Shaftesbury, 30th May
  • Jonas Stern from Claridges Bar
  • Tom Kerr from Soho House
  • Zoltan Sebok from Soho House
  • Alex Mouzouris from Trailer Happiness
  • Andy Mil from the London Cocktail Club
  • Toby Steinberg from Lonsdale
  • Alessandro Cattaneo from Little House
  • Swanand Korgaonkar from American Bar
  • Gareth Evans from Pollen Street Social
  • Ivan Szabo from Powder Keg Diplomacy
  • Steve Guven from Electric Brasserie
  • David Hooker from Retro Teddington