El Dorado Molecular Mixology Competition Final Feb 15th

Molecular Mixology regional finalists converge on Loungelover for grand final

The first El Dorado / MolecularMixology.co.uk competition is drawing to a close, with 8 regional finalists in the final at London’s Loungelover on Tuesday 15th February.

The regional heats have been won by some really creative, and in some cases, explosive drinks, and the final looks to provide more of the same.

Each competitor has created an all-new recipe for the final, and this is good to see in a competition that is all about innovation.

The final kicks off at 12:30pm, and for those of you who have the afternoon off and fancy coming along to watch, there will be glasses of El Dorado punch on offer at the very reasonable price of £1 a pop.

The regional finalists are:

  • Leeds: Mark Austin, Dave West
  • Brighton: Maxwell Whitney, Michael Stringer
  • London: Joe Petch, Quentin Berode
  • Edinburgh: Jon Hughes, Martin Duffy

And they are competing for the following prizes:

  1. £500 cash, bottle of El Dorado 21YO, Poly Science smoking gun, caviar boz
  2. Bottle of El Dorado 15YO, molecular cocktail book
  3. Bottle of El Dorado 12YO, molecular cocktail book

You can read our reports on three of the regional heats here: