Drinks Trust Offer ‘End Of Furlough’ Grants For Those Experiencing Financial Hardship

500 grants of £250 available for industry workers impacted by the end of the furlough scheme

Industry charity, The Drinks Trust, have announced End Of Furlough grants designed to help those experiencing severe financial difficulties, now that the furlough scheme has ended and been replaced by the far less helpful Job Support Scheme.  Those experiencing immediate financial hardship, who have either already been made redundant due to Covid-19 forced closures, or who have recently been made redundant as a result of the end of the furlough scheme, can apply for The Drinks Trust’s End of Furlough Grant.

Ross Carter, The Drinks Trust Chief Executive, said: “We want to reach out to those in the drinks and hospitality industry who have been hard hit, and have gone without the support of others. Industries like ours, the drinks industry, risk being amongst those who go unseen by the public, despite having faced some of the most significant challenges in their careers in recent months.”

Who can apply

  • Qualifying individuals will have worked in the drinks industry sector, in any capacity of it, or within the hospitality industry with drinks for 1-year full time or 2 years part-time, at any point in their career.

What support is available?

  • For those facing severe financial hardship, 500 emergency grants of £250 from The Drinks Trust are now available. Depending on demand and ongoing donations to the charity, more may be made available in coming weeks.

For more information and to apply for the End of Furlough Grant, click here.