Drinks Trust Announce Enhanced Wellbeing Support As 2020 Continues To Be A Dick

The Drinks Trust expand helpline services to include CBT referrals, and one-to-one telephone consultation sessions

2020 continues to giveth with one hand (vaccines) and taketh-away with the other (substantial meals), further increasing the pressure felt by everyone who makes a living in the hospitality industry. Recognising that this Covid-related hardship will continue for at least a few months more, The Drinks Trust have formed a partnership with corporate health and wellness provider, Spectrum Life, in order to expand support available to hospitality workers.

The Trust’s confidential helpline now becomes a 24/7 support service, able to refer callers to over 30 online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) courses, along with up to six specialist one-to-one telephone sessions, which are accessed following a need-assessment, and cover legal advice, mediation support, life and career coaching, financial advice, consumer advice and parenting coaching.

The 24/7 helpline is available on 0800 9154610 or by contacting helpline@drinkstrust.org.uk

Anyone who feels they are struggling to cope should call the helpline, which is free and confidential.

Ross Carter, CEO at The Drinks Trust said: “The pandemic has affected us all in a different way, it’s safe to say that it will have taken its toll on everyone’s mental health and wellbeing in one way or another. The reason to have these new upgraded services is to reach out to more colleagues in more ways, 24 hours a day. With demand for The Drinks Trust’s services at an all-time high, we are delivering services to deliver enhanced support to those working remotely in isolation, and that will improve the wellbeing of colleagues now and past COVID 19. All of this is made possible through our partnership with Spectrum.Life