Drinks International Top 50 Bars Announced

This article reproduced courtesy of Drinks International

A London speakeasy has been named the best bar in the world, according to an industry poll.

For the second year running, Milk & Honey in London’s Soho has been voted number one by bartenders around the world.

This year, the World’s 50 Best Bars were voted for by 700 bar professionals from 50 countries. The annual poll is conducted independently on behalf of Drinks International magazine.

Six UK bars made it into the top 50, five of which are in London.

However, the top ten was dominated by New York, with PDT (Please Don’t Tell) at number two, Milk & Honey New York at four, Pegu Club at six, Death & Co at seven and Employees Only at eight. They were joined by Harry’s Bar in Venice at number three, Buddha Bar in Paris at number five, Harry’s New York Bar, Paris at number nine and the Academy in London’s Soho at number ten.

Milk & Honey is owned by Match Group founder Jonathan Downey. He said a great bar is made by:  “The people who go there and the people who work there”. General Manager, Durham Atkinson, when asked what makes Milk & Honey so great, said: “It’s the lack of complacency. It’s important to our future success that we continue to question everything we do and give it meaning.”

Supplement editor Tom Sandham said: “What we find is a fine selection of historic stalwarts, relatively new venues that truly stand out and have done for a few years now, as well as some very new faces that have made a huge impact. Adding: “It’s an impressive selection and, for those just starting their drinking travels, a perfect guide to great bars you should be ticking off along the way.”

The Top 50 Bars

  1. Milk & Honey, London
  2. PDT, NY
  3. Harry’s Bar, Venice
  4. Milk & Honey, New York
  5. Buddha Bar, Paris
  6. Pegu Club, NY
  7. Death & Co, NY
  8. Employees Only, NY
  9. Harry’s New York Bar, Paris
  10. Academy, London
  11. The Connaught, London
  12. Der Raum, Melbourne, Australia
  13. Black Pearl, Melbourne, Australia
  14. Coco Bongo, Cancun, Mexico
  15. Q’Ba, New Delhi, India
  16. Matterhorn, Wellington, NZ
  17. Sky Bar Unique Hotel, Brazil
  18. Zeta Bar Sydney Hilton, Australia
  19. Enigma Marriott Hotel, Mumbai, India
  20. Schumann’s American Bar, Munich, Germany
  21. The Lonsdale, London
  22. Four Seasons, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  23. Bubba’s Bar, Barbados
  24. F Bar, New Delhi, India
  25. Bramble, Edinburgh
  26. Dry Martini Bar, Barcelona
  27. Cafe Caprice, Cape Town, SA
  28. Buddha Bar, Dubai
  29. Skyview Bar, Dubai
  30. Planet Bar, Cape Town, SA
  31. Blue Frog, Mumbai, India
  32. City Space, Moscow, Russia
  33. Standard Bar, LA
  34. 1806, Melbourne, Australia
  35. Charlie’s Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
  36. Barasti Bar, Dubai
  37. Bert’s Bar, Barbados
  38. Sling In, Helsinki, Finland
  39. Buddha Bar, Kiev, Ukraine
  40. Hemmingway Bar, Paris, France
  41. Bar do Copa, Rio, Bazil
  42. Le Lion, Hamburg, Germany
  43. Buddha Bar London
  44. Star Bar, Tokyo
  45. Mangos, Florida
  46. Quo Vadis, London
  47. Bòeme, Rome, Italy
  48. Nottingham Forest, Milan
  49. Salotto 42 Rome
  50. The Ivy, Sydney