Drinks by the Dram

Master of Malt offer pocket money-sized portions of some of the World’s best whisky

Samples come hand sealed with wax, and labeled

Master of Malt have been suppliers of fine whisky (and fine whiskey) since 1985, and you wouldn’t think there’s much room for innovation in such an established practice.

However, in 2010 they launched a service that struck BarLifeUK as the best idea since dog judo: Drinks by the Dram.

Drinks by the Dram lets you buy 3cl samples of most of the whiskies, Cognacs and other spirits in their range, which are delivered to your door for a very reasonable price.

Cocktail Competition Inspiration?

While this service is probably aimed at consumers who want to ‘try before they buy’ it struck us that this could be a very valuable tool for bartenders and bar managers.

For example, should you want to knock up a very posh drink for a cocktail competition that requires a drop of 40YO Highland Park, you might not be able to spring £764.95 for a bottle, but £40.95 for the sample might be more manageable.

Or indeed, if you want to try 4 or 5 different whiskies to find the perfect cocktail ingredient, it is quite possible to get samples of all 5 for the price of one full bottle, saving you the expense of ending up with 4 unwanted bottles.

This principle obviously applies to bar managers who would like to add to or change their whisky offering.

The range of whiskies on offer is quite mind-boggling, and it is quite possible to spend a good hour building a wish list.

Once you have chosen, pay your bill and enter your delivery details, and the samples turn up a couple of days later, well packaged and in very smart little bottles that have been hand sealed with wax, something which will appeal to the apothecary-type tenders among you.

All in all it is a great service with very reasonable prices and we recommend you head to Master of Malt next time you are pondering a new whisky purchase.