‘Drinks At Home’ With The Diageo Reserve Team

Each day you can join the Diageo Reserve Team online for inspiration and education.

With this year’s World Class finals postponed due to coronavirus the Diageo Reserve World Class team, here in the UK, have found themselves with some time on their hands. Rather than spending all of their time at home watching Netflix and arguing they are turning their kitchens into at-home training studios for you.

Every day one of the team will be hosting three short videos showcasing cocktail recipes using items they have available in the home and focusing on developing skills and techniques such as creating homemade syrups, cordials and more.

The team are sure to be both entertaining as well as informative seeing as they consist of the likes of Ali Reynolds (Johnnie Walker), Kate Jackson (Ketel One), Christie Knight (Villa Ascenti gin), Adam McGurk (Belsazar) and Jason Clark (World Class and Talisker).

The videos will be screened each day on the World Class Facebook and Instagram pages.

Jason has hinted at some entertainment away from the cocktail category as well:

‘Our team of GB Brand Ambassadors are usually out and about, visiting various bar teams. Faced with this unusual amount of time at home on our hands, we wanted to put this time to good use and reach out to the bartending community to inspire and educate so that people can stay in touch on social media and learn new skills whilst out of the usual bar environment.’

‘A few of the team have some extra skills up their sleeve too – so you might see some added content away from the usual cocktail videos, to keep everyone entertained. We’re all in this together!’

Today it’s Kate who is up at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.