Diageo to Supply ‘Sanitiser Hygiene Kits’ as Part of New $100 million Hospitality Recovery Fund

The two-year, $100 million, ‘Raising the Bar’ programme will begin in July 2020

In one of the most significant examples of ‘putting your money where your mouth is’ BarLifeUK has ever seen, Diageo today announced the launch of a new initiative designed to help pubs and bars recover from damage inflicted by Covid-19 lockdowns.

The programme, which has been named ‘Raising the Bar’, will over the course of two years provide $100 million to support the recovery of major hospitality cities such as London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, New York, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, among many others (The $100 million includes $20 million Community Fund already announced in the United States on 12 June 2020).

Diageo designed the Raising the Bar programme after a survey of bar owners to identified the need for improved hygiene measures and equipment, and online re-opening support as key needs for venue, as social distancing limitations are eased.

To that end, “Raising the Bar” will support and pay for the physical equipment needed for outlets to re-open. In the UK, Diageo will provide initial funding for ‘hygiene kits’ with high-quality permanent sanitiser dispense units, medical grade hand sanitiser and a range of personal protection equipment (such as masks and gloves). Diageo will also help to pubs and bars to establish partnerships with online reservations and cashless systems; mobile bars and outdoor equipment.

Bar owners who join the programme will also receive regular updates on best practice training and resources and be able to participate in global surveys to share insights, as they build back their businesses.

How To Access the Raising the Bar Programme

From today (24th June 2020) bar owners can register their interest for the “Raising the Bar” programme by visiting the Diageo Bar Academy websites:

www.mydiageo.com (UK and Ireland)

www.diageobaracademy.com (Global)

Ivan Menezes, Diageo’s CEO said of Raising the Bar: ‘Pubs and bars sit at the heart of every community. We have launched “Raising the Bar” as so many outlets have been impacted by this crisis and badly need help to open their doors again…. We are calling on governments around the world to provide long-term recovery packages to help the hospitality sector. These businesses play an essential role in bringing people together to socialise and celebrate – something that we have all missed so much during this terrible crisis – and sustain hundreds of millions of jobs, which provide a first foot on the employment ladder for young people.’

Well said Ivan, and kudos to everyone at Diageo for continuing to support bars and bartenders throughout with most difficult of times.