Diageo Reserve World Class Studio Tour Announced

In 2020 Diageo Reserve World Class is back and, as is now tradition, the UK team are hitting the road to talk to bartenders across the country.

GB World Class 2019 Winner Cameron Attfield

If you have not attended one of the Diageo World Class Studio sessions before we highly recommend you do so. We will give you a quick overview of what is happening this year plus the dates and we suggest you get it booked off before any of your colleagues get in ahead of you.

The important things to note are that a) the sessions are all free, b) if you aren’t sure whether you are entering World Class or not this year that doesn’t prohibit you from attending, the sessions are design to inspire and educate, c) the final of World Class this year is in Sydney, Australia….. just saying.

This is the 12th year of World Class and the studio sessions have become a welcome fixture on the UK end of this massive global competition. With Jack Sotti, the World Class GB Brand Ambassador, at the helm there is bound to be a whole lot of exciting things planned (he has given us a sneak preview of some of his plans and trust us you don’t want to miss out).

The Studio tour will explore up three sessions based on leading industry trends with Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassadors such as Jack, Ali Reynolds and Jason Clark on hand. The three modules look like this:

Heart Of Gold – Celebrating what is at the heart of making renowned premium gin brand Tanqueray No. TEN and each element essential to shaping the spirit – known today for its unmistakable flavour and historic backstory.

Highballing – Exploring the popular Highball trend, revealing the tricks of the trade and creating memorable serves – with a nod to Johnnie Walker Black Label, perfectly suited to the cocktail category.

Sweet Spot – Centred around Ketel One Vodka, showcasing how bartenders can take inspiration from their local environment to harvest ingredients for cocktail creation. There will be a focus on local honey production and beekeepers and how to generate a more sustainable habitat for wildlife.

GB Finalists World Class 2019

If you attend these sessions and get inspired to enter World Class 2020 you will be embarking on an amazing sounding ride. We may have mentioned the Sydney element before (and will be continuing to do so in an attempt to get ourselves on the trip!) but before that you have the national final. This year sounds like a doozy, taking place in the New Forest ‘Camp World Class’ will be showcasing the natural beauty of the Great British Countryside.

World Class Studios Schedule – all sessions run from 2pm – 5pm

Glasgow – 20th January
Edinburgh – 21st January
Aberdeen – 22nd January
Dundee – 22nd January
Newcastle – 22nd January
Manchester – 27th January
Liverpool – 28th January
Leeds – 28th January
Birmingham – 28th January
Sheffield – 29th January
Nottingham – 29th January
London 1 – 2nd February
Brighton – 3rd February
Bristol – 3rd February
Cardiff – 3rd February
Bournemouth – 4th February
Exeter – 4th February
London 2 – 9th February

To sign up for a session and get more details on the venues head to www.worldclass2020.eventbrite.com

We will leave the final word to the supremely talented, handsome, funny, charming and potential decision maker in who gets a seat on the plane to Australia, Jack Sotti:

‘Hot topics in the industry will be at the centre of conversations and workshops hosted by highly reputable drinks professionals in the sector – sharing knowledge from one bartender to another. There will be a heightened focus on trends and cocktail culture this year, ensuring the community spirit is at the heart of the competition.’

Discussing how the studios tour fits into the World Class competition, Sotti continues ‘The World Class studios allows us to provide an insight into what competitors should expect to see in the competition. It means we can cultivate our close community of talented bartenders and encourage others to join the World Class journey.’

What a man.