Create the ‘Official Cocktail’ of Tales of the Cocktail and Win Cash Money

$1,250 up for grabs in Old Fashioned comp.

To mark ten years of Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans’ finest have launched a competition open to anyone in the international bar industry.

The winner will receive $1,250 in cash and their drink will be hailed as the official cocktail of the 2012 festival.

The competition is pretty rules-heavy, requiring a strict definition of what constitutes an Old Fashioned be adhered to, and sponsor products must be used.

However, should you be going to Tales this year, $1,250 will probably cover your bar tab in Alibi, and winning the comp will bring your name, and bar, to the attention of possibly the largest gathering of international bar folk we’ll see this year.

Deadline for entries: March 25th 2012.

Full competition details and entry here.